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See How To Get Customers To Grow Your Business For You, While Maximizing Compliance With Your Payment Processor
  • Automatically Convert More Prospects Into Profits
  • Sit Back And Let Your Prospects & Customers Build Your Business For You
  • Reduce Risk By Increasing Your Compliance With Payment Processors
  • Increase Sales & Profits From Every Customer
  • Skyrocket Your Traffic By 600% Without Paying More For Ads
  • Universal Solution That Works For All Online Marketers
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The Secret To Higher Sales & Profits Is
Easier Than You Think

Customer service is the new marketing, and it’s the new sales engine

Some organizations, large (Amazon, Apple, Patagonia) and small (your favorite local hair salon or restaurant) already understand this. They’ve learned to focus their efforts on great customer service and let that drive future sales”
-forbes.com, July 2018

customer retention can
increase revenue

“Retained customers buy more often and spend more than newer customers. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by 25-95%”-blog.hubspot.com, November 2018

Selling Online Is Competitive - Why Make It Harder?
  • Competing On Price Is A Fast Way To Slash Your Profit Margins
  • Competing On Selection Is Nearly Impossible - Most Marketers Have Access To All The Same Products
  • Competing For Traffic Is Insanely Expensive - The Cost Of Digital Advertising Is Rising 5x Faster Than The Rate Of Inflation

How About An EASIER Way To
Increase Your Online Profits?

Effortlessly INCREASE profits per customer

7 Out Of 10 U.S. Consumers Say They’ve Spent More Money To Do Business With A Company That Delivers Great Service - American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer

Easily sell MORE products to MORE customers

According To Forbes, About 60% Of Consumers Are More Likely To Return To An E-commerce Website That Offers Support - Tidiochat.com

Drive up to 600% MORE traffic WITHOUT paying more for ads

72% Of Consumers Will Share A Positive Experience With 6 Or More People-Huffingtonpost.com

Regardless Of The Business You’re In
Or The System You Follow
What Are Your Most Valuable Assets?

Your customers & prospects-
  • Visitors To Your Websites & Blogs
  • Followers Of Your Fan Pages
  • Shoppers In Your Online Stores
  • Buyers Of Your Products
Take Care Of These Assets AND Profits Take Care Of Themselves

The AUTOMATED Profit Solution
You’ve Been Looking For

Imagine Easily Generating Higher Sales For Less Effort And Less Cost.
Without paying more for traffic or losing margins by slashing prices.

Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator
by the year 2020- Areferralrock.com/blog/customer-service-statistics, July 2018

You’re about to see exactly how to increase profits & traffic, and turn
buyers into long-term customers that promote your business FOR YOU

Hey this is Vivek and Himanshu

Himanshu Mehta


Vivek Gour


The ONE thing that’s grown our online business faster than anything else
is customer support

Keeping customers happy has allowed us to-
  • Be The ‘Go-To’ Developers For Over Twenty 6+ Figure Software Launches.
  • Become Elite Themeforest & Codecanyon Software Developers.
  • Build Multiple 6 Figure Online Businesses … By Always Putting The Customer First.

“Vivek and his team have consistently been behind the tech for some of the biggest launches in the space”- Andy Fletcher, founder of Convertri

Great customer support is ESSENTIAL
Done right, with the right tools, it should be PROFITABLE.

But Even After Trying Multiple Support Softwares
- We Never Found A Great Solution

Existing softwares are either -
  • Competing On Price Is A Fast Way To Slash Your Profit Margins
  • Or Lack Key Features Needed By Digital Marketers - Meaning You’re Forced To ‘hack Together’ Multiple Products To Get The Job Done
  • And Can Be So Complex You’ll Need A Developer To Set Them Up
Not to mention

If You Have Multiple Products - Prepare To Pay Even More

If You Want To Streamline Support Across Multiple Channels - Like FB Pages, Websites, Chat & Email -
You’ll Often Need MoreThan One Tool

Adding Extra Support Agents Means Paying A Premium

And Many Support Softwares Force You To Pay Inflated Costs For Agents - Instead Of Using Your Own Team Or
Inexpensive VAs!

As Business Owners That Rely On Premium Service To Drive Profits, We Decided It Was Time To Build Our Own Support Platform From The Ground Up
A Standalone Solution To Automate Customer Support With Built-in Tools To Increase Both Profits / Customer & Traffic At A One-time Price Anyone Can Afford

“I requested support … 2 minutes after I had my first reply … and they fixed everything”

For Customer Support

“Great! Quick response, the best I have seen ever”

For Customer Support

“The most important thing is their support! Really quick and helpful, resolved a small issue in less than an hour!”

For Customer Support
This automated support solution - that effortlessly increases sales, traffic & customer retention can be set up in under 5 minutes
No tech skills, no developers, no extra costs needed Handle the support for an unlimited range of products - inside ONE dashboard - with zero monthly fees
The INCLUDED mobile app lets you or your team handle support requests from your phone no need to be at the office to reply to customers
If you’re tired of:
  • Losing Sales & Upsell Opportunities From Existing Customers
  • Missing Out On Profits From Prospects Visiting Your Sites
  • Paying Ridiculous Monthly Costs For Cookie-cutter Online Support Softwares
You’ll never have to worry about ANY of that again

Proudly Introducing

StandAlone Support Solution For OUTSTANDING Profits
Motosupport Is Your Complete Automated Support Solution That Maximizes
Your Profits From Both Prospects & Existing Customers …
While Streamlining Support For All Your Products And Channels Into One Simple Dashboard!
Increase Traffic Up To 600% Without Paying More For Ads
Increase Conversions Up To 20% Without Expensive Copywriters
Drive Higher Profits Per Buyer While Letting Your Customers Build Your Business For You!
Get Instant Access To MotoSupport Now!
Secure Payment, 100% Money-back Guarantee

OPTIMIZING Your Traffic & Profits With
MotoSupport Is A Breeze!

Choose the self-hosted solution, and you’ll be up and running in 3 quick steps:
Install the zip file

the included step-by-step videos show you exactly how

Connect your autoresponder of choice

MotoSupport integrates with 20 autoresponders

Plug MotoSupport

into your websites, social pages & online assets and turn customer support into long-term profits!

Select Motosupport Cloud And We’ll Do It All For You
No Installation

Everything’s cloud-hosted for you on our robust dedicated servers

Domain Mapping

Link your support desk to your own do-mains

Security And Backups

Enjoy military-grade security & regular backups

Quick Demo Shows How EASY It Is To
Turn Automated Support Into HIGHER Profits

All The Features You Need
To Explode Your Profits Inside ONE Dashboard

Unlimited Products / Brands

Easily Configure All Your Products & Channels Inside The Software For A One-Stop, All-Inclusive Support System

Streamline Support From Your Sites, eStores, Social Pages & Email Inside One Elegant Platform

Forget Paying Premium Fees To Run Support For Multiple Products On Multiple Channels
EFFORTLESS Email Integration

MotoSupport Integrates With 20 Leading Autoresponders, So It’s 1-Click Easy To Have Support Tickets Directed To Your Email.

Email Support Is Preferred By Most Online Shoppers With MotoSupport, You’re Covered!

Instantly Configure Your Autoresponder Of Choice To Connect With Your Customers 24/7
REAL-TIME Notifications For Higher Profits

Today’s Online Browsers & Shoppers Demand Replies Fast. Motosupport Sends You And Your Team Support Notifications In Real Time, So You Can Reply Fast To Increase Profits And Customer Retention.

Instant Notifications On Your Phone Or Desktop Let You Interact With Customers Quickly, Leading To Higher Sales And Happier Buyers!
Multi-User Login

Assign Different Agents To Different Products,
Or Let Single Agents Handle All Your Support…
You’re Always In Control!

Decide Which Support Agents Should Handle Each Of Your Products,
Giving Your Customers The Expert Advice They Deserve
Automated Tickets With Auto-Reply

The System Instantly Generates Support Tickets Based On Customer Email Requests …
And Lets You Configure Auto-replies To Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Effortlessly Reply To Any / All Support Requests To Keep Customers Happy & Engaged
Use Customer Feedback To Sell MORE

The Software Includes Customer Satisfaction Surveys … Where Users Can Rate Their Experience.These Satisfaction Scores Provide Incredible Social Proof To Other Prospects And Can Skyrocket Your Ongoing Sales

Make More. Save More. Built-in Performance Reports Put You In Control

MotoSupport Includes Built-in Reports That Let You Evaluate the Performance Of Your VAs And Support Team. Rate Your Team-Based On # Of Tickets Resolved, Customer Satisfaction & More … To Maximize ROI.

Automated Support That Sells FOR YOU

50% Of Customers Increase Their Purchasing With A Brand After A Positive Customer Service Experience.
-blog.hubspot.com, October 2018

According To The American Marketing Association, Websites That Use Live Support Usually Have Their E-Commerce Conversion Rate 20% Higher Than Websites Without Live Chat-tidiochat.com, December 2018

MotoSupport Lets You Maximize Profits
From Prospects & Customers You ALREADY Have

Even More Powerful Features
That You’d Pay MUCH More For With Other Softwares Include

MotoSupport MOBILE App For Android*

Both You And Your Team Can Access & Reply To Support Tickets From Your Phone - For The Ultimate Customer Service Experience.

Leave Your Competition In The Dust By Providing Real-time Replies In Record Time … And Amaze Your Customers & Prospects With Your Speedy Replies


* IOS version in development and will be delivered as soon as it’s available

Turn Support Tickets Into Profits Whether You’re At The Beach Or In The Office
Detailed Support Updates

Send Summaries Via Email To Each Support Request, Showing Customers You Understand Their Exact Issue.

Track The Progress Of Each Ticket, So You Know At-A-Glance How Well Your Team Is Resolving Customer Issues.

Auto-Reply Built In

Keep Your Customers Happy With Customizable ‘Auto-Replies’ Telling Them You’ve Received Their Request, And Your Team Will Get Back To Them Shortly. This Powerful Automation Maximizes Customer Loyalty While Giving You Peace Of Mind … Letting You Run Your Business 24/7 From The Beach Or From The Office.

Unlimited Products, Users & Support Channels
WITHOUT Extra Fees

Whether You Select Motosupport Or Motosupport Cloud, There Are No Hidden Extra Costs
  • Configure Unlimited Products & Categories
  • Assign Unlimited Users / Agents
  • Streamline Support From All Of Your Channels - Including Social Media, Websites, & Email - Into One Dashboard For One Cost
Profit-Maximizer Video Guides

The Software & Set-up Are Simple, But To Make Sure You Get Things Optimized For Your Business, Detailed
Over-the-shoulder Videos Walk You Thru Everything.

You’ll See Both How To Setup MotoSupport For Your Products & Channels … And How To Create Shortcuts
That Increase Your Profits While Saving You Time.

How YOU Can
Use MotoSupport To Maximize Profits

Anyone that has an online audience, prospects or customers can tap into this software
for a huge increase in revenues

Based On Feedback From Beta Testers, MotoSupport Will Specifically Benefit:

Affiliate Marketers

Leverage Online Support On Your Review Sites And Watch Your Conversions & Commissions Go Through The Roof

e-Com Store Owners

Increase Conversions Up To 20% - On Average - Just By Having Online Support Available On Your Site

Social Media Marketers

Turn More Prospects Into Engaged Fans, And More Fans Into Repeat Buyers

Product Creators

Convert More Site Visitors Into Buyers With Premium Automated Support That Answers All Their Questions

Content Marketers

Increase Profits From Your Monetized Offers With Next Level Support That Encourages Prospects To Take Action


Turn ‘Browsers’ Of Your Site Or Portfolio Into Long Term Clients By Replying To Their Questions In Real Time

YOUR Online Income May Be At Risk!

Today, Online Payment Processors Take Security Extremely Seriously. Recently, Many Successful Digital Marketers Have Had Their Accounts Shut Down By Payment Processors.

Dedicated Support Proves To These Payment Processors That You’re Serious About Business, And Taking Care Of Customers.

While We Can’t Guarantee That Motosupport Will Safeguard Your Accounts …
We Can Tell You - From Personal Experience - That Demonstrating Ongoing Customer Support Will Drastically Reduce The Risk Of An Account Shutdown.

Who Else Wants To Increase Profits While
Decreasing Risk?

Motosupport Can Be The Difference Between Staying In Business - Or Losing Your Income Overnight.

Stack Motosupport Against The Competition And
Compare The Costs For Yourself

Features MotoSupport
MotoSupport Cloud
Just $27 / Month
$49 / month
HubSpot Help Desk
$400 / month
$250 set-up fee
$99 / USER
per month
Multi-Product / Brand Support
Multi-Channel Support
(Integrate Support Across Social
Media, Email & Chat)
Only Email & Chat
Mobile App Included
Real-Time Notifications
Automated Replies
Multi-User Support Up To 5 Users Only $99 Per User
Custom Agent Roles Only When Paying
For Multiple Agents
Auto Ticket Generation
(Customer Satisfaction Feedback)
Agent Performance Reports
Customizable Interface
Instant Ticket Search

There IS NO COMPARISON - MotoSupport Delivers More For Less!

Take Your Profits To The Next Level With MotoSupport
Secure Your Access NOW And Take Home These Priceless Bonuses:
Bonus Plugin #1Video Overlay

Your list building secret weapon! Use ANY video - yours OR someone else’s - to generate targeted subscribers.

Place optin forms inside videos & customize when they appear during playback … Even LOCK video content until users optin to leverage scarcity.

Add CTA buttons, social sharing and banners to any video to convert more traffic into customers.

Bonus Plugin #2WP Ultimate Notification Bar

Get More Clicks With This All-In-One Tool Bar!

Highlight your offers & maximize click rate with a fixed bar that commands attention.

Customize your CTAs including texts, images & colors … position your bar at the top or bottom of any page to drive more clicks,more often

Bonus Plugin #3Exit Popup WordPress Plugin

Turn traffic into profits with this PROVEN tech.

Create specific exit popups for each post or page, or your entire site … while setting a cookie so you don’t annoy repeat visitors. Easy to customize & mobile friendly

Bonus Plugin #4Sticky Ads Bar

EASILY monetize your site with 100% passive ads.

Create & manage ads you can integrate with posts or pages … Customize images, videos, position & size to get more clicks and MORE passive income.

Act Now To Grab MotoSupport For The LOWEST Possible Cost

During This Initial Launch, We’re Offering Motosupport & Motosupport Cloud At The Lowest Price You’ll Ever See Them Offered At.

The Moment The Timer Counts Down, The Price Skyrockets

That’s Not False Scarcity, It’s Reality.
For Motosupport Cloud, Our Support Costs Are Very High So We Can Only Offer This License To Limited Users.

For Motosupport Self-hosted, We Insist On Delivering A Premium Level Of Service To All Users … And Can Only Offer This Discount For A Limited Time.

Act Now To Get You Motosupport License For A Steep Discount
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Install Motosupport On Your Sites And Enjoy An Increase In Customer Satisfaction, Sales, And Referral Traffic.

If - After Using The Software - You’re Not Completely Convinced This Is A Complete Game Changer - Just Let Us Know.

If It’s A Tech Issue, Our Dedicated Support Team Will Help You To Resolve It Asap.
But In The Highly Unlikely Event, You Don’t Feel The Software Translates Into A Direct Increase In Profits …

We’ll Refund Every Penny Of Your Small Investment.

Doesn’t Get More Fair Than That.

If You’ve EVER Bought Anything Online Before
You ALREADY Know Support Is What Drives Sales

  • Do You Want To Keep Fighting An
    Uphill Battle?
  • Competing On Price And Losing
    Profit Margins?
  • Paying More & More For Traffic And
    Watching Your Roi Bottom Out?

Or would you PREFER to

  • Have YOUR customers & prospects
    build your business FOR you?
  • Increase profits WITHOUT paying
    more for traffic?
  • Effortlessly turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers that spend more, more often?
  • With a simple, automated support solution that puts ALL your offers, sites and online assets ABOVE the competition?
Then Hit The Button To Lock In Your Access For The Lowest Possible Cost!
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Hey this is Vivek and Himanshu,
thanking you for checking out this page

Himanshu Mehta


Vivek Gour

If you’re serious about increasing YOUR online profits, we’d love to help and in our experience MotoSupport is the Fastest shortcut to getting YOU the results you deserve.

P.s.In 30 Days From Now, You Could Still Be Struggling To Improve Traffic, Conversions & Profits Or You Could Be Enjoying Higher Profits Simply By Plugging Motosupport Into Your Sites

P.P.s.Your low investment is completely covered so you’ve
got nothing to lose by trying this proven method out for yourself -
grab your discounted version now and let’s take YOUR profifts to the next level!

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